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An Official Announcement from the Regent of the American Monarchist Society:

I wanted to thank you for following or subscribing to the American Monarchist Society. It’s your first step towards participating with like-minded Americans in influencing our country for the better. Our support base is a still quite small, so I appreciate that you’ve chosen to be a an integral part of it. Besides our young organization, I know no other such group doing a shred of untainted good in American public life. The void we’re facing makes our small base – with your big representation – a necessary concerted effort. We really need to work together towards our goal of tangible, civilizational transformation, not approach it as enthusiasts or historians. The state of affairs in our homeland has convinced me of it. More than politic being a mere hobby or interest, there’s a moral imperative on us to improve America. And our support base, the community which our Society strives to reach, is the integral centerpiece for everything we need to achieve.

Our advocacy can’t exist if it doesn’t have community. That’s what makes your participation so crucial. Community is the first thing the American Monarchist Society tries to organize: it literally says it in the name. Man is naturally a social creature, that’s how we’re meant to work. That’s how our work is completed most effectively. The Council of Aldermen set out creating state chapters, uniting fractured traditionalists, attempting to create a unified voice for the likes of which has been completely vacant in United States history. We’ve started a pilate program political party, hosted local dinners throughout the United States, and attempted a bit of activism this past Winter in Washington, DC. We do all this because politics is the art of leading people in light of the general welfare. The art’s medium is men. What grassroots advocacy is there in monarchy if we’re not concerned with the people above which a monarch would govern? How would we ever achieve societal change – and a sovereign at last – if we didn’t ask you to direct your efforts in an order of men to make that change? That’s right, no one is going to change our world but you, and other people like you. While it’s true that we’re facing a crisis of leadership in America, a man isn’t a leader without men who choose to follow him, working hard towards the selfsame goal. We Alderman are not interested in the limelight or producing entertainment snippets for casual spectators; and you, the members, must resist the temptation towards flashy internet speculation with no actuation of the AMS’ mission in real life. We shouldn’t be okay with consuming content from the Society like somebody might from a cable TV show. This entire project is deeper than that, and I frankly have no patience for people subverting a noble cause to their own selfish, inordinate desires.

To sum it up simply, I discovered that community is more important than simply a means to achieve our mission statement. It needs to be an end, too.

I inherited the leadership of this Society just before the new year, and the several months I’ve had “steering the ship” towards its goals has truly been an eye-opener. I’ve learned a lot, both about the existing monarchist community and what our mission statement implies. Please take a minute with me to reflect on the journey of our organization so far, that I can explain the important lessons I’ve learned. These reflections not only relay our state of affairs, but I’m using them to determine this organization’s future.

Our Past

As you can find on the “History” page of our web site, this organization is really an attempt to start a new movement, not the other way around. The American Monarchist Society was formed in the hope of finding and rallying people we had a hint were out there. Like I’ve said before, no one else has tried to do what our organization pledged to accomplish, so we were treading in truly unknown territory. Were there really serious monarchists in America? None of us really knew, but we sure were committed to doing what we could to find out.

The internet helped us do that. None of our leadership in the American Monarchist Society are men of means, so we couldn’t have started something so far-reaching without this easily reachable tool. We started participating in traditionalist, monarchist ideas as users on social media, where the “trad” community seemed to thrive. Endless social media pages, groups, blogs, forums, and a good handful of YouTube channels dedicate their time to witty commentary, religious discussion, a plethora of social critiques against contemporary culture, and a surprising amount of meme content. There were thousands of internet users that were all on the same page about their outlook on life. Benjamin William’s monarchist Facebook group was just one of many such organs which this pool of users frequented. 

Enter myself into the picture. I have a confession to make: I never participated in any variety of activism on the internet before. Ever since I started using social media back in high school,  it’s been my explicit policy to associate only with people I knew from real life. That’s the real purpose of social media after all, I thought. That’s how I kept in touch with real-life friends, especially people that I didn’t see from day to day. I never had a reason to network with other individuals until I found a source of inspiration that I wanted to imitate. I had recently returned from a traditional Catholic education. I was inspired and more articulate on my positions than I ever was. Politics had been an interest of mine since I was twelve or so, but college life obviously directed my attention elsewhere. Returning to my home in Pennsylvania re-initiated the interest for me, especially as the lack of my saintly college peers convinced me that making a better world was simply a matter of connecting with the right people. The solution seemed obvious to me: the right people didn’t live all around me (which college exemplified), and so they might need to be reached remotely. I started using social media now for the explicit intent of finding people with the same ideas and aspirations. From some time in March of 2019 until about New Year’s of 2020, this remote connection through intellectual inspiration was my modus operandi in the American Monarchist Society.

I helped transform the Society from little more than a Facebook group into a concerted institution with the heir of formality – at least the heir. I completed the overwhelming majority of the work myself, so my rise to the office of Regent was a delayed action in the eyes of some. The idea was all about taking American traditionalists a step further. Why should groups of traditionalists be constrained to existing only as meme pages and history groups? The social climate after 2016 greatly favors third political positions, so the reasoning appeared as sound as any. Leadership was unanimous that now is the time to make headway for a the faction of truth, the political ideology of realism. Stupider things had gone mainstream; if socialism and Nazism were in mainstream dialogue again, why not reconstitute this much more significant Western worldview?

An Analysis

This project has not failed yet, but it’s evident that things have grown stagnant. If the Society stays its current course, I’m quite certain it’ll go the way of seldom lethargic updates, then inactivity, then complete abandonment. Just like every other concerted monarchist effort in the United States so far. And just like the other movements, the United States will have no monarch thanks to the American Monarchist Society. But I expected that we wouldn’t go mainstream enough to change the government when I started last March. I anticipated that the AMS would struggle as a political minority, and I repeatedly stated to my friends in this project that monarchism would be a great hill to die on, considering that most other people in this country are hell-bent to make insane radicalism the political norm. Sure, I’d be happy to abstain from that perdition in favor of unlikely odds. That’s what a principled, inspired man would do.

However, my experience in this first half of 2020 helped me learn that the odds I’m working against are even more futile than the folly I already anticipated. While remaining a minority political force would be a noble thing, force-feeding an skeleton crew organization struggling to sustain its own existence is something different. You see, dear friends, I’m afraid that I learned a lesson a lot of people already knew, but I learned it the hard way. I discovered the awful world of traditional internet activism.

Traditional Delinquents

Using social media for networking didn’t seem to be as idyllic as I thought it would be. I’ve discovered an entire class of trad deliquents who roam Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and a number of other platforms; not using these web sites in any sensible fashion, like networking or “casual” use, but because these people surrendered their free will (and free time) to an addiction whose potency is right alongside alcoholism and drug use. They don’t make roots in the real world because they don’t agree with it. But rather than develop their character, social skills, or general comportment into something they want to see in the world – rather than even meaningfully pursue the principles they claim to believe – these slaves to passion waste that energy indulging themselves by pretending to be a grandiose version of themselves which they’re not, loitering in spaces thick with bombastic self-opinions, outrages claims, and a fantasy approach to the world, but apparently lacking in substantial resolve. It’s an effective limelight of neglect, scandal, acedia, and narcissism. Social media is the tool that enables their wicked vanity, like liquor fueling a drunkard’s rage. That’s what I seem to have learned from the barrage of strange questions and allegations that constantly accompanied our social media outlets. The disparity of AMS exposure versus involvement is terrible, too. A lot of folks prefer to hide behind a monitor and revel in “low-hanging” traditional fruit without any respect to practicing the discipline of it themselves. I’ve learned the hard way how many of these people lead lives of complete imbalance. Poorly educated, their echo-chamber seems frequent prey to puritanical zealotry. Emotion man-handles the delinquent’s intellect as their fleshly desires steal the body. These people have already purity-spiraled other online groups, notably The Counter-Revolution, where their ridiculous requests, behavior, and general demeanor drove away the large number of sensible members, concentrating their co-opt, and tainting the movement’s reputation further in a terrible snowball effect. They’ve attacked the American Monarchist Society three substantial times in under one year, threatening everything from libel to lawsuits. It’s hampered our ability to retain normal, well-balanced followers and volunteers. I’ve messed up quite a lot handling it, I admit. I was really new to this type of situation. From what I’ve gathered now, the most common traditionalist delinquents plaguing our efforts fall into pretty discernible categories, like the eccentric, popinjays, “cringy,” sociopaths, political celebrity cultists, LARPers, flag-hoarders, and xenophiles. They’re all unpleasant to deal with, hopelessly egotistical, usually immune to reform, and I would be embarrassed to associate with such people in public as I had gotten to associating with them online.

While I plan to elaborate further on the causation and effects of this group of people further, my analysis here is of the organization and not the toxic part of the community. Suffice it to say that the American Monarchist Society has contracted a dangerous number of toxic delinquents that were never the demographic we planned to serve, never the section of Americans that we knew needed a reasonable, non-liberal voice in affairs of public life. But the delinquents invariably fly to the word “monarchism” like a moth to the light, and with them they bring ideas to monarchism that the AMS always disagreed with (legitimism, blood-right, xenophilia, anti-Americanism, modern luddism, and so on). It’s such a common problem that many onlookers also associate these odd reactionary positions with us, even with monarchism as a whole. At this point, our image is deeply tainted in the eyes of our countrymen.

A Lack of Involvement

Respectable individuals attracted to traditionalist monarchism are scared off, too. While extremists might be the culprits of this, a surprising apathy in promising individuals themselves seems to catalyze their departure; the second significant problem I’ve observed. High volunteer turnover is damning evidence of summer soldiery. I think we can conclude several reasons for this.

Firstly, a lack of impetus. Monarchists seem to feel no importance or urgency to support what they believe in their country’s public life. Instead, our experience lends me to believe that a terrible number of people rationalize away any responsibility to take action. Why do anything when our goal is so far away? Why not just compromise? Why stick my neck out and be ridiculed? I think it’s easy to forget how modern politicians – and many Americans, period – are differ vastly in outlook compared to traditionalism. Most citizens have long swallowed the sweet poison of liberalism thinking it’s a candy, and they’d hate us for even dreaming of taking it away from them. We wish the best for our neighbors by providing a salve, but that’s not their perspective. The diabolical disorientation of is hidden from them in a shroud of intentional ignorance, even though the guilty conscience gnaws at those who know better. And the guilty love company! Why do you think they take such pains to proclaim their sloven behavior from soap boxes and street corners, forcing it into every aspect of government? Why do you think they ridicule you, the virtuous, whose very presence acts as a greater guilt than their conscience? Better for your example to go away. If they topple you, after all, doesn’t that go to spite the guilt, to shout over it, to prove how forcefully normal their excess is? Indeed, their ridicule will never stop until you consume the same poison they have. Social embarrassment to stand for what one believes, I’m sad to say, is nothing more than a mind wavering in its own conviction. It’s no excuse for apathy, it’s a challenge to overcome.

The liberal poison itself can’t be indefinitely consumed, either. There’s harm in us traditionalists being too coy to stand up for our beliefs. Liberalism’s effects our coming to fruition in the societal collapse right before our very eyes, worsening with each coming generation. The longer we sit on our hands, the more we’ll have to answer for the neglect and pain our children will suffer.

Secondly, it seems like most people don’t know where to go with monarchist activism in a modern federal republic. How do you begin, what projects do we start on? Social media statistics have indicated that monarchists feel quite strongly about the sovereign, the person to be selected, the nature of his government, his policies, and so forth. While these are interesting speculations, they’re just that. Hypothetical conversation about future governments won’t help us get any closer to establishing such governance. But our insistence of speculation betrays the weakness our monarchist activism has so far: our shoddy foundation. A lot of monarchists can speak all day about a king, but they’ll fall silent the moment some calls them to reflect on how they differ from republicans in any way besides government. Beyond knowing about a king, we don’t seem to have any united understanding on what the king stands for (which is so important!). Even though the AMS web site tells us the organization orients monarchy in the traditionalist approach – and even describes what we mean by this – it seems that the demographics we’re attracting disregard the information on traditionalism. They’re only here for the monarchism, regardless if their beliefs contradict the Society’s mission statement! This is blatantly unacceptable. The monarch is not truly a good justified unto itself. Fixation on him alone smacks of either the personal imbalance we talked about earlier, or a more fundamental lack of direction and education. I intended to find out which of these were the biggest reason until the poll was cancelled due to more internal strife.


After consultation with the Aldermen and many months to think on what to do, we’ve decided that the American Monarchist Society needs to be reformed in name, in its mission, and in its methods. Whether the American traditional monarchist demographic doesn’t exist where we’ve searched for them, or if they don’t largely exist at all, or if this particular demographic is disinterested in activism, we regardless need to reorient our efforts on something more essential.

Rather than exclude people whose walk of life isn’t strictly political, and to put greater emphasis on the first principles which we once assumed were common knowledge to monarchists, we Alderman have concluded that the focus should be on public traditionalism as a whole, and that philosophy should have a larger role in our organization in order to educate our followers, combat liberal errors more effectively, and reorient organization activities away from the failed populist approach the AMS began with. While monarchy will remain a steadfast pillar in the worldview that we hold, its explicit activism will be relegated to the American Monarchist Party. The AMS will be restructured as a center for various traditionalist projects to take the form of child organizations. These child organizations will be formed if and when our volunteers and constituents desire to pursue a field which they feel passionate about. The effect will be to create a network of individuals working under the same values to build a better America in all aspects.

The date for this restructuring is entirely dependent on our ability to restock with new core volunteers. If we do not receive more interested parties, the current administration of the American Monarchist Society concedes that its current numbers are insufficient to continue operations. Failure to restock will result in indefinite shutdown of our organization until further notice. Like I’ve said in many emails, addresses, and web documents, the fate of our project rests with you, the regular American traditionalist. If nobody gets involved, I’m afraid that it’s evident our team bit off more than we can chew.

Get Involved

Please help us restructure by becoming a leader or staff member. There’s not enough of us to continue full steam ahead. In order for a successful restructuring, we’re sending out the invitation to anybody who wants to be part of a bigger traditionalist picture in the United States of America. If this is something you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to mix you passions and skills in order to push a brighter future. Fulfill your patriotic duty and protect your homeland from the insanity, immorality, and blasphemies that attack it daily! Even shifting the Overton Window would be a massive feat to accomplish. Our Society is in a unique position to attack the problem, to make headway like no other. That’s because there’s no other American organization like us. And if we fail, well, I don’t think the memes and blogs will do much beyond a circular pat on the back. I pray that Our Lord finds some purpose to assign to this organization rather than letting the time and effort we invested sink. May He use it as a defense of American Christians in public life while we can still do so.

In Christ,

Steven Bachmann


May 11th, 2020

To volunteer, email us at [email protected]

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