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The Platform shall be the official schematic for implementing the philosophy and mission of the American Monarchist Society. While the Society doesn’t unify around a platform as its principle like a common political party, it is necessary that the Monarchist Congress of the United States eventually select a single course of action for the concrete problems, particulars, and specific policies on the ground for all traditionalists to unite around. The Platform shall be impartially selected upon hearing all reasonable option brought forth – through debate, argumentation, goodwill, and prayer – chosen as the best prudential means for acting out the traditional vision in America. We welcome you to join in determining our future!

An American Monarchist Congress has not yet assembled. The existing Preparatory Assembly also hasn’t deliberated upon or published platform material. The means for achieving a traditional America are still up for debate as the Society grows in membership to field its future Congress.

Platform positions may include:

Major Goals
  • Goals and Means to Use for Advocacy in the Current Republic
  • Declaration of Moral Responsibility in Lawmaking
  • Endorsement of a State Religion
  • Creation of an American Nobility
  • The Specific Means by which to Transition Away from the Republic
  • Type of Monarchy to be Pursued

However, such items will only appear when they are determined as a certain or immediate object for the Society.

There are certain items that will always be necessary to the Society’s platform, regardless of the immediacy or progress within its major goals.

Necessary Platform positions include:

Tangible Goals
  • Land and Agriculture
  • Technology and Industry
  • Financial Policy
  • Social Programs
  • Education Reform
  • Regulation Reform
  • Tax Reform
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Military Policy
  • Criminal Justice
  • Immigration Reform

Proposed Platform Positions

While there’s no official platform endorsed by the American Monarchist Society, there have nonetheless been many proposals and popular ideas put forth for consideration. Below are the most noteworthy of those items and policies, presented to give an understanding of what tradition may come to look like in the American political environment:

  • Elimination of the Federal Reserve
  • Re-introduction of the Gold or Silver Standard
  • Massive Reduction of the Current Tax Burden and Code
  • Tax Relief and Incentives for Married Families with a Certain Number of Children
  • Elimination of All Regular Foreign Aid
  • Deportation of All Offending Illegal Immigrants
  • Re-investment and Repair of American Infrastructure
  • Massive Re-investment and Expansion of Mass Transit
  • Reform of Legal Liability and the Insurance Industry
  • Decentralization of Business Regulation via the Creation of Trade Guilds


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