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General Membership

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Due to substantial restructuring in our organization, membership applications are currently unavailable. Subscribe to our web site’s Announcements for emails regarding updates as we continue working on our online services.

What is general membership?

Unlike a bottom-up organization structured for syncretism, only our official leadership makes up the American Monarchist Society’s constituency. Their job is not to represent the lower General Membership, as takes place in democratic institutions. Rather, General Members lend public support to their leaders in order to fulfill our Society’s common mission together. This structure lends to healthy subordination which leaders require in order to work without the barriers that come with representative institutions, like trivial bickering, character smearing, false scandals, short-sightedness, and neglect. General membership still benefits from representation through power by numbers; after all, leadership infers that there are people willing to follow. The American Monarchist Society’s influence depends on how its General  Membership participates through their financial contributions, attendance for demonstrations or internal events, reading our journalism and periodicals, and – most importantly – through maintaining an active membership. Additionally, a hierarchical design discourages egocentric behavior among regular participants by removing unnecessary self-interest. By leaving administrative decision-making to those who are most qualified to do it, our organization best reflects the political beliefs of the traditional monarchist. Thus, the Society firstly defines itself through unity under its mission and philosophy, not shifting impulses from the times, mob rule, or corruption.

Through the illumination of our traditional beliefs, General Membership transforms into a solemn pledge to our ideals. It’s a call to all citizens throughout the country for direly needed support, to fulfill the political duty we all have as Americans. There’s no merit in believing a truth if you don’t do something to actualize it. The American Monarchist Society is the only political organization of its kind in the United States that stands for traditionalism. By having a General Membership, we strive to organize all Americans who want the same traditionalist principles under one roof, the same citizens who have been routinely marginalized by both liberals and conservatives. The Society aims to take action in our country, to consequently alleviate the violent liberal ideologies quietly assailing our society. With general membership, you have the possibility to directly support our efforts. The battle line starts with you. From financial support to accessing state or national leadership, general membership is the fundamental step in swearing allegiance to tradition and joining the fight for the United States.

Membership Features

  • Exclusive Member Bulletin
  • Certificate and Yearly Card
  • Private Member Social Media
  • Merchandise Discount
  • Members-only Events
  • Annual Regent's Address
  • Opportunity for Leadership
  • Join or Start State Chapters
  • Exclusive Polls

Paper Membership Enrollment Form

For Luddites, the poor, elderly, and impaired, we offer a paper registration form that may be submitted via mail. Please be sure to follow directions; failure to do so will result in a failed enrollment.

The Membership Lounge

Membership information is organized through an online portal: the Membership Lounge. From here, members can view and modify their entire file with the American Monarchist Society. Additionally, the Lounge incorporates a social media platform populated by all fellow AMS members. With an exclusive traditional community at your fingertips, you’ll be afforded a powerful networking tool. From connecting with local traditionalists, sharing ideas, learning and education, planning events, and more, the Lounge plugs a social gap in real life. After all, if you don’t know any traditionalists in your local community, how would you make any new personal connections without augmenting it with a cohesive medium?

Because the Lounge is a mission-focused tool for the edification of our members, its use is focused on creating an elevated environment unusual to other social media web sites. For more information, please review Lounge etiquette.

Membership Dues

Members are obliged to pay an annual due to maintain their enrollment with the American Monarchist Society. The Society survives off of member contributions alone! The funds collected cover necessary expenses incurred by our organization, such as web site upkeep, property acquisitions, repair, and retrofitting, publication of literature, hosting membership events, recruitment, and others. 

For the price of a good coffee every month, you could help support the only movement of its kind in the United States.


The normal due for most members

$ 36 /year
  • Instant Registration


For the ordained who gave their lives to Christ

$ 0 /year
  • Apply for Code


For active personnel who serve the country

$ 20 /year
  • Apply for Code


For those studying in post-secondary education

$ 16 /year
  • Apply for Code


For the political enthusiast under eighteen

$ 12 /year
  • Apply for Code

Want to give more? Consider becoming a Patron.

Do what's comfortable for you.

Your membership due doesn’t limit what you can give to the cause! We welcome those who are called to provide greater assistance for spreading the cause of monarchy in the United States. Whatever sum you can afford, every additional dollar helps!

One-time or regular patronage?

The AMS makes it easy to select regular or one-time donations to the organization. You don’t even need a membership to get started! Patrons contribute vital sums which help to defray the regular operating expenses that pile up.


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