American Monarchist Society

Constituent Assemblies

Our national organization would be overwhelmed if it operated alone across such a large country. Not only for political principle, but practical administration, our membership and local activities are divided among state chapters. Division of activity not only efficiently caters to different local needs, but it also help train a strong, diverse base of leadership. Chapters should conduct regular business such as internal meetings, sessions, draftings, publication, outreach, and independent media campaigns. They are encouraged to bring their findings to the Assembly when in session.

Please contact the American Monarchist Society to request respective recognition of a chapter if one does not already exist in your state.

Currently, there are no recognized state chapters associated with the Preparatory Assembly. The Assembly is still busy with its outreach to isolated traditionalists throughout the United States, as well as mobilizing its current constituents to form chapters.

Activism begins at the state level. These chapters consist of all members exclusively from a particular state. They make up the primary constituency of the Congress chamber. Because the Preparatory Assembly plans to bring all America’s monarchists together, organizations active in a particular state prior to this Assembly’s campaigning may petition to become an official state chapter.

Unrecognized Chapters

Florida Chapter
Indiana Chapter
Pennsylvania Traditionalists Assembly

Irregular Chapters

The American Monarchist Congress aims to be all-inclusive to other sensible traditionalist groups. Irregular chapters can also be registered with the assembly, such as independent organizations at the national level and who existed prior to the Society. If they would like to support our common cause, strength is best found in number. We welcome delegates to our sessions accordingly.

Currently, there are no recognized irregular chapters associated with the Assembly. The Assembly is still busy with its outreach to other extent monarchist groups.


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