American Monarchist Society

Join our low-key video chat this Sunday to connect with like-minded folks and share opinions, news, and information.

Interested in monarchy and traditionalist alternatives in the United States? Tired of status-quo and populist politics going off the deep end? We’re here to put a stop to cheapening government. The AMS works to promote real change in America’s public square. From shifting the Overton Window to government itself, the most crucial thing to saving the common good is enabling traditionalists like you. We can’t achieve our mission if we don’t make educated and active communities first. Fighting the lone-wolf battle online won’t get us anywhere. Consequently, our Society’s first step is to make its platform directly serve you. Use it as a tool to connect with precious new friends and allies amidst the chaotic Modern world. Ask questions, share news, and see who’s out there. And finally, be in charge! Volunteer in the AMS to enact the change you know our members support.

Important: The video chat will be hosted via Skype. Please message email [email protected] about this event for an invite to the discussion. We hope to see you there!

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