American Monarchist Society

What are they?

The Bylaws are the constitution for the internal government of the American Monarchist Society as a private organization. They dictate how the leadership is organized, how it functions, and the general direction of the organization as a whole. Any procedural questions or discrepancies should first be resolved through consulting the Bylaws.

While the American Monarchist Society is not obligated to share the material of its operations (especially during the decision-making process), fair transparency requires that the form of such operations be readily available for membership or public entities. Below the Bylaws are given in their current active edition. Helpful hint boxes are interspersed within the Bylaws in order to explain the concepts contained within more simply. Please note that these additional explanations are not formally part of the Bylaws themselves.

An American Monarchist Society is still drafting its current Bylaws for incorporation. The Bylaws below are the ad hoc structure for the organization until its functions are more regularized.


Edition Acting Provisional


In order to dispel the prevailing disarray among those righteous few, desirous to amend our country’s ailment from foul philosophy and her woeful fruition, we have found it our duty to establish a mutual society of men, bound in the cooperative spirit of unity, and to promote our country’s welfare through the restoration of certain principles, erstwhile to both her people and to the transcendent realities of God and natural law. That, as the ends of man and society have been now wholly perverted through a cruel and slow process, evinced from the American War for Independence; not from British government, but from truth itself, that coincided with the foundation of these United States; the totality of our desperation and the polarized citizenry it has created demands action from those who may afford to give their service. We, finding no better who would take our place, and to allow order to triumph over disorder, unity over discord, and objectivity over plurality, do ordain to establish the basis for an American Monarchist Society of the United States; that our body’s form may be constituted in these Bylaws for the valiant purpose of fighting the failed republican experiment, whose philosophical license has dragged us fooled towards utter corruption and despair.

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