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Earlier today, the Regent released the following statement to supporters, subscribers, patrons, and members:

Volunteers simply aren’t stepping up for the American Monarchist Society. And donors aren’t coming back, either.

With all the excitement in American public life, very few people are remembering their political compass. Republicans and Democrats have completely folded to the idea of lending wartime powers to the president, all for a disease that hasn’t infected a quarter of a hundredth of a percent of the United States population. The media are running away with the narrative in a sensational frenzy. The entire country is worked up over shadows, and we’re seemingly intent to shut down the economy because too many people forgot about their mortality. Our minds seem to be anywhere but our principles. But I suppose that’s the creature we’ve created in our first-world decadency.

But none of this has good ramifications for the American Monarchist Society.

The situation translates to volunteers falling to an all-time low. We’ve reached the point where we can’t even provide essential organization services that we intended to always have available. Additionally, the donors that carried the day for all you – all the viewers who see our web site and other online presences for free – aren’t stepping forward this time around.

Here’s the worst of it: the web site is slated to shut down in 4 days because we don’t have the funds to pay for another year. All this will fall apart if we don’t have your support.

We’ve been saying it from the beginning. If the few people who started this initiative don’t have support from the community, is our organization a real society to begin with? Our success rests on our members and supporters. We can’t even function as a successful internet organization if no more than a couple people want to put some skin in the game.

Please consider donating during this crucial election cycle so that we can continue our work.

It’s now or never. We’ve never needed your help more than right now. I know we’re all short of cash, but if each of us contributes a small amount, nobody needs to feel the burden of standing by your social beliefs.

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