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A Viable Political Option

Monarchy has become a dirty word for most Americans. We tend to think of a sovereign king as the enemy to our country’s founding. But is this true?

At its core, American independence was a struggle against real government abuse. However, in the process of separating from the British crown, the baby was thrown out with the bath water.

It’s time to leave fearful superstition in the past. Monarchy’s bad reputation is an undeserved one. We live in a time when it has more real benefits to offer Americans than ever. It’s possible to make America regal with the right vision. Here’s ours:

For Realists

Monarchy isn’t an out-of-touch fairy tale. It isn’t a biased ideology with an agenda to force on the people. Rather, it’s grounded in sound philosophy and a Christian worldview. We believe it’s the classical liberals who’ve sold a biased agenda to the American people instead. And now we’re suffering for it. Monarchy is based on human nature. It’s practical. It puts real-life observations and the welfare of the public first. We avoid romanticism and lofty-sounding ideas that have no real application. Republicanism uses arbitrary institutions made by out-of-touch ideologues, and it shows when those institutions regularly fail to cope with the real issues.

For America

Monarchy is a viable option in a day and age where politicians “for the people” have become nothing but autonomous bureaucrats. We know that our bloated republic has tumbled down the road of corruption. America is at a point where her citizens are asking again: “What does tyranny look like?” We have ample proof that a king has nothing to do with it. In fact, unadulterated kingdoms have historically performed more efficiently and with greater public freedom than what Americans suffer today for the so-called privilege of being free. Our republic has failed. Perhaps our assumptions about monarchy were wrong.

For the Future

Monarchy is not stuck in the past. We’re not obsessed with fancy regalia and tabloids on the nobility. We’re political activists just like any other group trying to change Washington. That means we move on from the past and look towards a feasible future. We’re here to trail-blaze a new path, not to imitate Europe, but to build something uniquely American in character. An American king stands as a solution to fix corruption, for reintroducing morality to Americans during this time of cultural decline. An American monarch would embody the next step of an even brighter American dream. The most traditional first-world power deserves nothing less.

Possible and Desirable

Not only is a monarchy possible for the United States, but it’s desirable.
Our current form of government is broken.
The people who defend our government at all costs are not being realistic. They want to preserve it infallibly despite all its damage and disunity. They try to defend the republic by associating it with the American identity, by appealing to a dream of representing the American people.
They’re not for Americans, because our current government does not represent Americans at all. It’s saturated by the ultra-wealthy and secretive, progressive elite. The idea that the republic is more representative than monarchy at this point is laughable.
The defendants of the republic are not for the future. They fight for a strict interpretation of an artificial constitution composed almost 250 years ago. It’s obvious that the simple amendment system is not good enough for stemming off fatal corruption. Sometimes, it’s even worked to politicians’ advantage.
Enough is enough. Only a powerful, moral leader could save the United States from all sorts of destruction: political, cultural, and fiscal. The republic does not hold the answer. Rather than give way to an unbounded tyrant, we propose to restore the tradition which has safeguarded the West and responsibly directed her leaders. 


The ad hoc mission of the American Monarchist Society is to establish an active advocacy for traditionalist monarchist politics in the United States, with the terminus of establishing a monarchy to replace the current democratic republic.

It is evident that the terminus is unachievable due to certain current issues in the United States. Consequently, advocacy for monarchy virtually contains the completion of steps which precede the installation of a sovereign. Each step’s success is conditional to the success of the next, so they must be completed in order and with complete focus. They are:

  1. The restoration of natural virtue’s due recognition and practice, both in private and public life.
  2. The re-stratification of the social order; that the discipline of expertise never again be cheapened into a false honor, and that the due obedience to experts be reinforced.
  3. The reintroduction of social stratification into public life as legal hierarchy.
  4. Codification of hierarchical offices into the recreation of a dedicated nobility.
  5. The peaceable introduction of a new constitutional convention to proclaim a most virtuous American sovereign.

These five steps can each be summed up by the essence of their respective objects: virtue, order, hierarchy, nobility, and proclamation.


The mission is illuminated by a position known as traditionalism. The name originates from the ubiquitous presence this mindset enjoyed for most of Western history. Its core beliefs are responsible for founding Western civilization as the united, advanced, and transcendental culture that we now see in decline. It wasn’t constrained to an ideology, but it simply refers to a way of life that ordered all parts of man towards their respective good. More concretely, traditionalism is best defined by what it is not, by its aspects under attack in the modern world.

Multiple philosophies, governments, economies, and cultures have been categorized under traditionalism. What makes them common and differentiates them from other mindsets is both their ordering man to respective goods, and the specific difference of Western custom and origin. Traditionalists are apostolic Christians. They are students of the classical Greek school of philosophy, Neo-platonism, Aristotelianism, Augustinian, or Thomist, all eminently subject to the principle of realism; politicians of hierarchy and order; economists of private property and production, of industry and trade; and culturally white.

Liberalism is a collection of sectarian ideologies that are best defined by their deliberate opposition against some part of traditionalism. It’s the common sort of thinking today. But because liberal ideologies oppose traditionalism, they introduce an order other than directing man to respective goods. Thus, they aren’t good, but a deficiency. Liberal ideologies are purely philosophical in nature, and aren’t truly lived because they are deficient from the good, and thus not grounded in realism. Instead, they cater to the illogical and ultimately harmful tendencies of man which we call fallen nature. Thus, liberalism has become sinful. Both ideologically and historically, liberalism always begins as an attempt to destroy traditionalism in the West. It makes the two are irreconcilable. The American Monarchist Society aims to reverse the destructive tide of liberalism in our great country.

Traditionalism is not convertible with conservatism, they are different. Conservatives are not united or principled in their goals, but rather serve as a form of mainstream, passive reactionism against newer liberal excesses they judge too extreme. While this naturally makes conservatism closer to traditionalism than liberalism, conservatives are apt to retain liberal positions already in common practice. For example, American conservatives today closely resemble classical liberals when engaging in politics. Traditionalism is not reactionary in itself because it came prior to liberalism. While “converts” to tradition may have begun as reactionaries, it’s impossible for the mindset which had endured till now to suddenly become reactionary. Reactionaries have the tendency to desire the exact opposite of the liberal trends they react against, even if the exact opposite ideas are also philosophical errors. Such groups like the anarchists, libertarians, the alt-right, and the men’s rights movement are reactionary.


The mission of the American Monarchist Society necessarily stands in contradiction to certain defined errors. The errors are not reconcilable to the mission without causing an essential deficiency to the whole. Those certain errors are defined as:

  • Liberalism, Enlightenment philosophy
  • Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Critical Theory
  • Populism
  • Liberal politics
  • Cultural Marxism

These errors are unusable for effective monarchy as they all spawn from the same roots. The same revolutions that overthrew the West’s old royalty constitute not isolated historical events, but a liberal single state of mind. All the revolutions bore the same philosophical stances of individualism and license. It is the ideological Revolution that founded liberal governments of today, the same movement that concurrently attacked traditionalism. The Revolution is the political impetus for liberal ideology; they’re so closely linked that some authors have used the name of one for the other. Thus, liberalism is opposed to monarchy in the same way it is to traditionalism.

The modern history of the West testifies that these errors have done untold damage. By rejecting them, traditionalist monarchy vows to be more efficient and quicker in executive decision-making and legislation, to safeguard against bureaucratic corruption, and to operate more frugally compared to our current bureaucratic republic.


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