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Due to a lack of RSVP’s, the AMS bloc scheduled in the March for Life, 2020 has been cancelled. For any of our followers anticipating our presence in their own plans this year, we humbly apologize for the inconvenience. It isn’t a light decision, and the Society’s leadership is keen to use the time gained to sure up better support for future events.

You can help prevent events from being cancelled in the future by RSVP’ing at the bottom of that event’s announcement on our web site. The more advance notice our organizers are given, the better.

Our prayers and well wishes go out to the protesters present for the rally, in which the president of the United States will appear for the first time in history. We hope that you will well represent our regrettable absence.

If you need an alternative group to rally around for this year’s March for Life, the American Monarchist Society suggests the League of Christ Sovereign‘s contingency for our Catholic followers. The League’s event can be seen here.

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