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Monarchy doesn't imply a one-issue party. Monarchy is simply the optimum form for the mindset it expresses. Here at the American Monarchist Society, our mission is a hollistic approach to addressing the Modern crisis. It calls for a sober reorientation, not merely in politics, but of our country's entire mindset. We promote the whole of Western tradition, to save America from the immanent destruction which our current state of mind is producing. We combat rising degeneracy with that virtue and philosophy responsible for building the West from fractured barbarism. The time-tested methods have been ignored too long. Our most esteemed leaders have succumbed to corruption. Where the republic fails, we seek to reintroduce sanity into American political and social life: a place where Democrats plunge down the rabbit hole of leftism, and the Republicans are too daft to do anything but offer up the failures of yesterday. Our current system is irreparably broken. America has had enough of the typical us-versus-them factionalism. It's time for real introspection on the nature of politics. It's time for a solution that works.

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The opinions we give are only as good as the mental discipline from which they are formed. But the good practice of any human art is called a "discipline" for a reason. Be the solution to ridding politics of useless hot air! Study the intellectual classics which support our conclusions.

Fundamental Documents

There is no particular kind of monarchy - nor any particular kind of government - that traditionalist principles require. The art of politics is a very practical application that depends on real-life factors. Read how our own thinkers estimate the practical diagnosis for American monarchy today.


Campaigning does not do itself. Our small team of dedicated leaders works passionately for the cause of a crown, sacrificing many hard hours, all without pay, to organize our efforts. Regardless, the dream of a third-party movement ultimately depends on Americans like you. Consider a generous donation to help out!

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

Why not the Republic?

The republic is bankrupt of the tools needed to fix the Modern crisis afflicting our culture and government. But more profoundly, the American republic itself has instigated the crisis by way of the deficiencies inherent in its very nature.  We didn’t go wrong at some particular point along our national history. Rather, the fundamental problems rocking our country are side effects of the insidious errors promulgated in the Republic’s inception. The American Constitutional Convention of 1787 gave way to the liberal strains in the War for Independence. The Enlightenment philosophy underpinning the Constitution is directly related to Modern liberalism as a son to his father. The latter is the logical progression and conclusion of the former. From license cloaked as “liberties” to a disordered perception of the state’s role in life, the people were given keys to a structure that is unhealthy and unsustainable. Liberalism’s moral vacuum naturally descended to complete relativism, and finally the neglect of all virtue. Only the characteristic of American charity has preserved our system for so long. America needs to turn for guidance to strong leaders in order to turn the tide, the likes of which our republic intentionally undermines in the name of the people.

Famous figures who share our convictions:

A legacy of republican lies.

History makes it self-evident fact that republics in large countries have reliably ended in tyrannical failure, worse than the hereditary governments they often escaped, and that the prosperous, smaller republics become as equally corrupt. Republics have not acted as a tool for the people as they claim, but rather for a budding merchant class to wage war on the established civil powers for purposes of expanding their financial gain. With Revolution as their tool, liberal republicans have ravaged states, defamed hierarchy, and destroyed the privileges of the existing nobility. Revolution always occurs in the name of the people, but the bourgeois lawyers who began and led the cause had nothing in common with the common man. Rather than perpetrating the idyllic peasant revolt against cruel tyrants, the masses were duped into trading the yoke of Christian masters for that of self-indulgent capitalists. The victorious have since secured their power in the legal fiction of classless society. Regardless of the unique presence, wealth, and responsibilities which all powerful men shall yield by nature of their status, the ruling men of our Republic have exempted themselves from criticism. They have equated the different stations of public life, so to loose the upper class from their visible duties to society and create an invisible elite, which act as both government bureaucrats and immune corporate masters. Classes have been transformed from roles conducive to mutual order, into arbitrary financial categories fit to antagonize each other. Liberal republican greed thus virtually contains the errors it later sired: cultural Marxism and populism.

After investing nearly 250 years in its failed ideology, many Americans are sentimentally attached to the idea that our government is an untouchable, ever-successful monolith. But as more ridiculous political ideologies comes from the far-left, as the American social fabric continues to melt for reasons they can’t explain, as the people of our great country feel the pressing burden of a bar set so law, the time is right for a conversation about what makes the United States a great country, versus those things we thought did, but never have. The American Monarchist Congress is a program that seeks to challenge the commonly-held errors of liberalism republicanism. We desire to reach out to self-styled conservatives, to awaken within them the true importance of traditional principle. Liberalism and the ideological Revolution are one in the same thing, and if we are to reject liberalism, then we need to reject all of its bad fruits; otherwise, we play the game of drawing an arbitrary line in history, trying to say “were things still acceptable by this historical date, can we go back to that point?” We want to prevent conservatism in America from becoming the liberalism of fifty years ago. Instead, we wish to re-instill the philosophy that is almost lost in our country: the art of producing an age-old government, whose stability and foundation on unmoving truth had been the cradle of Western civilization. We’re proud to say that we believe the United States is the only country in the West that still has the virtue and ingenuity for such important self-reform.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Important Members

A number of respectable thinkers and activists have joined with the American Monarchist Society to make your voice heard. Rather than focus historical crowns or infeasible pretenders, we have focused on making today just as much a guilded age as any other. With real earth-shakers in our midst, we have the potential to forge the present with the same age-old truth and beauty befitting kingdoms of yore.
Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams


Mr. Williams is a Catholic convert, former novice monk at Saint Leo Abbey, and currently serves in the Mississippi National Guard, wherein he fought oversees. Benjamin founded the American Monarchist Society and pursues an interest in philosophy.

Steven Bachmann

Steven Bachmann


An aspiring entrepreneur, Mr. Bachmann studied a Thomist liberal arts program at St. Mary’s College and pursues amateur interests in ecclesiastical music and scholastic philosophy. He serves as Seneschal for the American Monarchist Society, along as its webmaster, Chief Editor for Laureate Gazette, and webmaster for St. Jude Roman Catholic Church of Philadelphia.

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